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Scandinavia's toughest
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Endurance race series
Participate in trail running, MTB or expedition races around the Globe. Non-stop or multiple stage races. Sign-up for the endeavour of a life time.

Quality versus Scale

Bigice facilitates world record attempts, conduct mountain- and polar expeditions, professional training camps and ultra sportsevent for several different exclusively customers.
Collaborating with Bigice International ensures complete discretion, extremely professional handling of your project and most importantly
- the best platform for your endeavour to be succesful.

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Always - Anywhere!

Bigice have the experience, equipment and certified staff to conduct operations in all types of climate anywhere on Earth.

Bigice & Outdoor Nomads

Being inspired
The inspiration is developed in collaboration between committed and experienced extreme athletes from Denmark and Central Europe. Who, during countless expeditions around the world, analysed trends and created Global commercial field opportunities.

On the move

We believe that humanity achieves the most by having ambitious dreams, daring to shouting them out loud, being bold enough to actually cross the security fence an embark the challenges - even though it may be on uncertain ground.

What type are you?
Some focus on practicing bushcraft activities others like to meditate in silence in the nature.
We worship the SIMPLE LIFE with only the most necessary aids to truly challenge and exceed our limitations to reach ultimate goals.

We are a non-profit international association with the goal of creating unique nature experiences for everyone as well as providing a professional and secure platform for top-athletes to reach their ultimate goal.

The honor

In the memory of one of the greatest danish extreme athletes we have mixed a video from Jens Erik Nielsens last big achievement - the 2nd fastest ever 950km ski expedition to the South Pole.
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Expedition Leader
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As former team leader in the Danish special operations Jaeger Corps who has the mindset: Plus esse, Quam simulator (Rather to be, than to seem), in hostile environment in the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan and as security officer in Baghdad, as a certified parachute instructor and Forward Air Controller in combat - I swear to: First time, every time - because you will most unlikely get a second change!

We conduct all task with great innovation, strong momentum and enormous professionalism. We do not work with mainstream copycats - only unique and non-preimplemented products.
We are probably not the cheapest, we sure do not work 8-16 as traditional consultants. Instead we embrace the task as part of our own DNA and lifestyle. Therefore, expect the extraordinary.

Bigice always chooses new surprisingly and unique solutions to ensure the best impact on sponsors, media and audiences in your target area.
Bigice is the quit partner who ensures smooth and secure implementation and allows our clients to receive recognition and publicities. Use us to create the perfect platform and scene to communicate your brand and story.